Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points

1. The Abolition of secret treaties.  To get rid of secret treaties so that everyone knows about them insteaqd of a select few.

2. Freedom of the seas.  So that everyone could sail the seas to other countries without paying a tax or be blown up!

3. Free Trade.

4. Disarmament.  So that counrties couldn't build up their weapons and bully other countries into surrendering.

5. Adjustment of colonial claims.  So that colonies had the right to say something instead of just being ruled by foriegn powers.

6. Russia to be assured independent development and international withdrawal in Russian territory.  So that Russia would back of if other countries backed of them.

7. Restoration of Belguim to antebellum national status.  For Belguim to be fixed like they were before the war.

8. Alsace-Lorraine returned to France from Germany.  Germany to give back the territory to France.

9. Italian bordes redrawn on lines of nationality. 

10. Autonomos development of Austria-Hungary as a nation, as the Austrio-Hungarian nation dissolved.  For Austria-Hungary to become their own country and be independent.

11. Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and othe Balkan states be granted integrity, have their territories deoccupied and Serbia be given access to the Adriatic Sea.

12. Sovereignty for the Turkish people of the Ottoman Empire as the empire dissolved, Autonomous development for other nationalities within the former empire.  For all the nations under the Ottoman Empire to be granted their independity and become their own countries.

13. Establishment of an independent Poland with access to the sea.

14. General association of the nations, a multilateral international association of nations to enfocre peace. (The League of Nations)


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