In WW1 their were many diseases.  Some of the major one were Trench feet, Trench Fever/ Lice, diabetes, Typhiod fever, and others.
Trench Feet- Happened from feet being wet, cold, and unchanged socks. If not treated then your feet would go numb and turn red, then blue.  If they were still left untreated then it turns into ganggreen and most likely will have to be amputated.

Trench Fever

Headaches, rashes, inflamed eyes and leg pains are all symptoms.  They determined the cause was excretion from lice that was in all of the trenches.  The sickness resembles typhiod ( which is a fever caused by salmonella) and influenza ( which is a flu.)


Some of the soldiers described lice as pale pawn colored that left blotchy red marks all over your body.  They created a sour, stale smell on people.  They hid in the soldiers trousers so they couldn't be found.  One way the soldiers tried to get rid of them was to run a candle over there pants without burning themsevles or their clothes.  It was said that if you put the candle were they were the thickest you could here them pop like popcorn.


Diabetes showed up in World War One which was fifteen years before insulin was discovered.  People had to live on strict diets with

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