World War One Weapons

There were many weapons used during the war.  I'm going to list most of them for you.

Rifle- The Biritsh like to use them most.

Machine guns- There needed to be four to six people to use these and they had to be on a flat service.

Gas- The Germans first used chlorine gas except if the wind blows you end up killing yourself not the enemies.  Mustard gas- Both like this because it was odorless and colorless it also took twelve hours to start working.

Zeppelin- looks like a blimp they would carry machine guns and bombs, their fault though was they could easily be shot out of the sky.

Tanks- were used for the first time in ww1.  They held a crew of 3 and could go 3 mph.

Planes- For the first time planes were used they usually carried bombs. 

Torpedoes- Came from the submarines, the Germans would use them to blow up ships that were bringing supplies to the enemies.


Facts about world war one